Danger Boy recently had the honor of creating a custom high-elevation pyrotechnic show for the opening night of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. This show was an extra special event for us as we were given special permission to fire our pyro off the historic Toronto landmark, the Princes’ Gates.

Now we love pyro and we especially love it when we get to fire pyro off of an interesting piece of architecture as it just adds so much to the show. Add to that the fact that the Princes’ Gates are an historic landmark and this made for one truly awesome show! We had great weather, a fantastic turn out and the show went off perfectly. Now, to just convince our friends at The EX to do it every year…


In early 2012 we had the fantastic opportunity to create all the pyrotechnic special effects for the Johnny Reid “Fire It Up” tour across Canada. There were 30 dates on this tour and it traveled right from Victoria BC to St. John’s Newfoundland.

The logistics required for a touring show such as this are complex particularly from a pyro perspective. To stay within the Transport Canada regulations for transporting dangerous goods we had to drop ship our pyro product every 3-4 days. This was a very tight schedule for our supplier and our shipper, and an aspect of the show that our office administration had to diligently watch.

Our lead technician on this show was Patrick “Paddy” Murphy who did a excellent job night after night. Lucky for us Paddy is a huge country music fan and Johnny Reid was already one of his favorite artists. Paddy knew all the songs by heart so cue timing was not a problem.

Johnny Reid and his entire team were a real treat to work with and he put on a terrific show night after night. If you ever get a chance to see his show we highly recommend it.