We call it a “set piece” when we build something larger out of component pieces and the whole entity looks like something super cool.  We have built pyro set pieces that look like company logos and even flying set pieces that look like specific objects that get suspended from cranes or buildings.  One memorable one was an 18’ high Martini glass for Skyy Vodka.

In this case we had a corporate night club client in downtown Toronto who wanted to celebrate a big event so they asked us to create something extra special.  We came up with a flaming set piece idea where their dance floor would literally be lit on fire spelling out the name of the club (flaming set piece).  We created large 4’ high, laser cut metal letters to create a fire proof surface that stood just above the dance floor.  We then covered the letters with a special smoke free alcohol gel fuel and lit them up!  The club was perfectly laid out for this effect as the dance floor is a lowered area with natural security perimeter. This meant the audience looked down on the effect.  It was awesome.  Here are some pictures.


Hello and welcome to Danger Boy!  We are very excited to introduce you to this new business entity. Danger Boy is a division of our parent company, Circus Orange Inc.. At Circus Orange we have been doing pyrotechnics, special effects, stunts and rigging for over 15 years. First it was within the context of our own shows but as time went by we found ourselves offering special effects as a stand alone service more and more. By the end of 2012 we were doing at least as much pure special effects work as we were live shows and that got us thinking about starting up a dedicated company with these specialized services in mind. This is it!

So what is Danger Boy? Basically Danger Boy is all the special effects, rigging and stunt goodness from Circus Orange. Same team, same expertise and gear and the same awesome ability to create spectacular effects fast, safe and on budget. Danger Boy is a division of Circus Orange Inc.

Why did we make this change you ask?  Well, I am sure any business owner will tell you that what they had in mind when they started a business is not always what it turns into down the long winding road.  Circus Orange has been an evolutionary company and an constantly morphing business vehicle for us. It literally started out with myself and my partner Rebecca doing live stunt, fire performances and evolved into the company that we have now capable of creating large-scale spectacle productions with huge casts, pyro, flying, stunts and special effects.  Along the way people started asking for more and more purely FX work from us which we were more than happy to offer because we just love this area of work.  Putting together custom machines and creating unique solutions to time sensitive practical problems in the entertainment industry has always been a huge passion for us.  Now we have a dedicated business vehicle to do just that.  It is very exciting!

Is Circus Orange still around?  Circus Orange is currently bigger than ever and continues to thrive.  We are hoping that by splitting out and removing the pure SPFX from the Circus Orange brand that we will be able to grow even more as a dedicated performance company.  A Circus of Fire if you will.

So now you have the low down on Danger Boy. We look forward to blowing your mind and exceeding your expectations as this new business grows.  Call our office if you have any questions.  (905) 304-7504