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A couple of months ago Danger Boy was brought on board for the upcoming Ubisoft Watch Dogs video game promotion.  Our mission was to create a real live ATM prop that was perfect in every way – except one..  Our ATM would spew huge amounts of cash on command!

This special modified ATM would be placed in a public location and when it was “hacked” by an online gamer from afar it would immediately dispense thousands of dollars in cash and coupons for the new Watch Dogs video game.  And the world would be watching via a live video stream.  Fun!

We have to admit that it sounded like a super interesting project and we all wondered what the public would do when confronted by this cash crazy ATM. The Danger Boy special effects team set to work first finding and then modifying an ATM.  It took a lot of trial and error to get that amount of money to fly out in just the perfect way on command.  The other challenge was that we had to modify the video display to play the client’s “hacked” video content on the screen.  And the finished product had to look perfect in every so that no one got suspicious when they saw this ATM in the mall.

When the day came we were all a little nervous but our careful planning paid off.  The stunt went perfectly and people loved it.  Some folks made off with a lot of cash too!

Check out our behind the scenes video to learn all about how we created this exciting stunt!