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Because we are a full service pyrotechnic and special effects company, who specialize in doing dangerous deeds, we get some pretty unusual and awesome phone calls from time to time. Last week was a good example of this.

The Halton Bomb Squad was having their annual public outreach day at their facility and they thought it would be fun to show off some of their fancy big boy toys. The main attraction was their fully remote control tracked bomb-disposal robot. The thing is, a bomb-disposal robot is only as much fun as the bomb it disposes of, right? This is where Danger Boy came in. Constable Andy Olesen asked our team to use our special effects knowledge to fabricate a “bomb” that would be safe enough to be functioned near a live audience, but impressive enough to really wow everyone. We had just the thing.  We created a “salt and pepper” bomb and, I can’t go into the exact details here, but let’s just say it had the desired effect. The robot scooped up the bomb, drove it to a safe location across a closed off street, backed safely away and BOOM. Off it went.

This was a good example of how our certified special effects pyrotechnicians can create custom explosions and hits for almost any scenario you could dream up. It was also nice to develop a relationship with the bomb squad and find out a little bit more about how they do things. And of course it was really great to play with all their expensive toys.

Check out the pics of this stunt below.